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                               ==Phrack Inc.==

                    Volume One, Issue Nine, Phile #1 of 10


         Welcome, after an ever-too-long gap, to Phrack Inc. Issue Nine!  Yes,
I've waited too long to do this, but hey, what can I say.  We have it together
now and the file content is quite good, with some unique new writers as well
as some old ones popping up again.  Let me once again stress that ANYONE can
write for Phrack Inc.  You aren't required to be on a particular board, much
less a board at all, all you need is some means to get the file to us, as we
do not discriminate against anyone for any reason.  This Phrack issue contains
the following:

#1  Introduction to Phrack Inc. Issue Nine by Taran King (1.4K)
#2  Phrack Pro-Phile on The Nightstalker by Taran King (6.4K)
#3  Fun With the Centagram VMS Network by Oryan Quest (3.9K)
#4  Programming RSTS/E File2: Editors by Solid State (12.9K)
#5  Inside Dialog by Ctrl C (8.4K)
#6  Plant Measurement by The Executioner (12.8K)
#7  Multi-User Chat Program for DEC-10's by TTY-Man and The Mentor (6.5K)
#8  Introduction to Videoconferencing by Knight Lightning (10.5K)
#9  Loop Maintenance Operations System by Phantom Phreaker and Doom Prophet
#10 Phrack World News VIII by Knight Lightning (16.3K)