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                                ==Phrack Inc.==

                    Volume One, Issue Eight, Phile #1 of 9


         Welcome to the long-awaited Phrack Inc. Issue 8.  I'm quite sorry for
all of the delays, but it's time to go back to school and it's been a hectic
summer.  Unfortunately, over the summer, Fatal Error of 617 died in a
motorcycle accident.  He was the sysop of Metropolis Elite and was around a
while back.  This issue is released in memory of him, regardless of any
personal opinions.

                                                 Taran King
                                        Sysop of Metal Shop Private

#1  Phrack Inc. Index by Taran King (1k)
#2  Phrack Pro-Phile V on Tuc by Taran King (6k)
#3  City-Wide Centrex by The Executioner (14k)
#4  The Integrated Services Digital Network by Dr. Doom (18k)
#5  The Art of Junction Box Modeming by Mad Hacker 616 (6k)
#6  Compuserve Info by Morgoth and Lotus (8k)
#7  Fun with Automatic Tellers by The Mentor (7k)
#8  Phrack World News VII Part I by Knight Lightning (25k)
#9  Phrack World News VII Part II by Knight Lightning (26k)