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                                ==Phrack Inc.==

                      Volume One, Issue 7, Phile 1 of 10

                              September 25, 1986

Welcome to Phrack VII.  I'm glad to be back to be able to create something like
this.  It was rather hard from the hospital.  Anyway, I'd like to take you
aside and talk to those of you who have various misconceptions about Phrack
Inc.  First off, Phrack Inc. isn't written by myself, Knight Lightning, or
Cheap Shades.  We merely collect the philes and distribute them in a group.
The articles within are the sheer responsibility of the author.  If you do not
like the philes, talk to the author, not any of us, unless it says in the phile
that we wrote it, please.

Phrack World News is merely a sub-article of Phrack Inc. and it is written by
Knight Lightning.  He is to be addressed for all comments about his
ever-controversial PWN, and we'd appreciate it if you'd not condemn the whole
publication just for a few articles.

Anyone can write for Phrack Inc. now.  If you have an article you'd like
published or a story for Phrack World News, get in touch with one of us (Knight
Lightning, Taran King, and Cheap Shades) and as long as it fits the guidelines,
it should make it in.  If you have been one of the many ragging on Phrack Inc.,
please, write a phile and see if you can improve our status with your help.
Thanks for your time.  Later on.

                                             Taran King
                                    Sysop of Metal Shop Private

Featured in this Phrack Inc.:

1  Intro/Index by Taran King (2175 bytes)
2  Phrack Pro-Phile of Scan Man by Taran King (7133 bytes)
3  Hacker's Manifesto by The Mentor (3561 bytes)
4  Hacking Chilton's Credimatic by Ryche (7758 bytes)
5  Hacking RSTS Part 1 by The Seker (11701 bytes)
6  How to Make TNT by The Radical Rocker (2257 bytes)
7  Trojan Horses in Unix by Shooting Shark (12531 bytes)
8  Phrack World News VI Part 1 by Knight Lightning (15362 bytes)
9  Phrack World News VI Part 2 by Knight Lightning (16622 bytes)
10 Phrack World News VI Part 3 by Knight Lightning (16573 bytes)