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                                ==Phrack Inc.==

                     Volume One, Issue Six, Phile 1 of 13

    Welcome to Phrack Inc. VI!  We have been somewhat delayed in our release
due to problems with my home life (see PWN in this issue for details) but here
we go!  Right now, Metal Shop Private is down, but when I return to real life,
it should re-emerge with a new BBS program and hopefully will be better than
ever.  Now, with the release of Telecomputist Newsletter, we have the
capabilities to have Phrack Inc. printed out.
    If you feel you'd like to subscribe to something like this, it would be
operated in this manner: being one of our positive points, it will be free to
an extent.  You, the subscriber, will be paying for postage and if necessary,
envelopes as well as P.O. Box rental, but none of this should amount to much.
If you are interested in getting this, please contact any member of the Metal
Shop Family or Phantom Phreaker of The Alliance with your opinions on this.  If
we get enough support, we'll get this rolling.  Later on.

                                          TARAN KING
                                 Sysop of Metal Shop Private

This issue of Phrack Inc. includes the following philes:
      Title by Author (amount in K)

1    Index by Taran King (1k)
2    Pro-Phile on Groups by Knight Lightning (14k)
3    The Technical Revolution by Dr. Crash (4k)
4    Fun with Lighters by The Leftist (2k)
5    Nasty Unix Tricks by Shooting Shark (4k)
6    Smoke Bombs by Alpine Kracker (2k)
7    Cellular Telephones by High Evolutionary (5k)
8    Wide Area Networks by Jester Sluggo (10k)
9-13 Phrack World News by Knight Lightning (16,15,15,16,15K)