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                                ==Phrack Inc.==

                    Volume One, Issue Five, Phile #1 of 12

                              Intro to Phrack V!
                              ~~~~~ ~~ ~~~~~~ ~~

         Welcome to Phrack Inc. Issue Five!  Thanks to you, the readers, we
have received a good following and will continue to pump out issues!  Your
support has been fantastic and I'm happy to say that more people out there that
know their stuff are coming out of the woodwork and writing philes to be
distributed with Phrack Inc.  Recently, I received a letter from a law firm in
New York complaining about the Master Lock Picking phile in Issue One of Phrack
Inc.  This was written by Ninja NYC and Gin Fizz, both of The Punk Mafia.  It
was a top class phile and it worked...but that was the problem.  They wished me
to do something about the material stated.  Details of this story can be read
in this edition of Phrack World News.  Let me state here though, all philes
that are distributed with Phrack Inc. are merely being transmitted, and we are
not responsible for the philes' content any more than the readers are.  The
philes are the responsibility of the writers, and I'm not trying to lay the
blame on Ninja NYC and Gin Fizz (see the letter I wrote to the firm stating my
position here), but we will not be blamed for a crime that has not been
committed.  Look forward to many more issues of Phrack Inc. in the far future!

                                            TARAN KING
                                   Sysop of Metal Shop Private

This issue contains the following philes:

#1  Phrack V Intro by Taran King
#2  Phrack Pro-Phile of Broadway Hacker by Taran King
#3  Hacking Dec's by Carrier Culprit
#4  Hand to Hand Combat by Bad Boy in Black
#5  DMS-100 by Knight Lightning
#6  Bolt Bombs by The Leftist
#7  Wide Area Networks Part 1 by Jester Sluggo
#8  Radio Hacking by The Seker
#9  Mobile Telephone Communications by Phantom Phreaker
#10-12  Phrack World News IV by Knight Lightning