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                                ==Phrack Inc.==

                   Volume 0x0b, Issue 0x3a, Phile #0x01 of 0x0e

        ,                                                            ,
    ,   |\ ,__                                                  __, /|   ,
    |\   \/   `.                                              .'   \/   /|
    \ `-.:.     `\                                          /'     .:.-' /
     `-.__ `\=====|                                        |=====/'__.-'
        /=`'/   ^_\   //==// //  // //==// //||  //=  //   /_^   \'`=\
      .'   /\   .=)  //==// //==// //==// //=|| //   //=//  (=.   /\   '.
   .-'  .'|  '-(/_| //     //  // // ||  //  || \\= // ||   |_\)-'  |'.  '_.
 .'  __(  \  .'`                                               `'.  /  )__  '.
/_.'`  `.  |`                                                     `|  .'  `'._\
    jgs  \ |                                                       | /
         |/                                                         \|

+++ *Weep Weep Weep* Skybird, this is Dropkick with a red dash alpha message
+++ in two parts. -Break, break. Red dash alpha.
+++ Romeo-Oscar-November-Charlie-Tango-Tango-Lima-Alpha
+++ Authentication two-two-zero-zero-four-zero-delta-lime.

I have a valid message. Stand by
to authenticate.                       I agree with authentication also, sir.
                                       Entering launch code: DLG-2209-TVX
Launch code confirmed.
                                       Holy shit!
All right lets do it. Enable missiles. Target selection............. complete.
                                       Time on target selection..... complete.
                                       Yield selection.............. complete.
I need to get someone at the phone.    Number one enabled, two, three, four,
SAC. Try SAW HQ on the HF.             five, ..ten. All missiles enabled.
                                       That's not the correct procedure.
Screw the procedure. I want somebody
on the goddamn phone before I kill
20 million                             SIR. We have a launch order. Put your
                                       hand on the key, sir!
I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.               SIR! We are at launch - TURN
                                       YOUR KEY, sir!
                                                               (c) Wargames

|=[ Table of Contents ]=-------------------------------------------------=|
0x01 Introduction                                      Phrack Staff 0x08 kb
0x02 Loopback                                          Phrack Staff 0x0b kb
0x03 Signalnoise                                       Phrack Staff 0x18 kb
0x04 Advanced return-into-lib(c) exploits (PaX case study)   nergal 0x48 kb
0x05 Runtime binary encryption                         grugq & scut 0x61 kb
0x06 Advances in kernel hacking                             palmers 0x1d kb
0x07 Linux on-the-fly kernel patching without LKM        sd & devik 0x95 kb
0x08 Linux x86 kernel function hooking emulation             mayhem 0x1a kb
0x09 RPC without borders                                    stealth 0x10 kb
0x0a Developing StrongARM/Linux shellcode                   funkysh 0x11 kb
0x0b HP-UX (PA-RISC 1.1) Overflows                          zhodiac 0x16 kb
0x0c The Security of Vita Vuova's Inferno OS                  dalai 0x11 kb
0x0d Phrack World News                                 Phrack Staff 0x0c kb
0x0e Phrack magazine extraction utility                Phrack Staff 0x15 kb

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