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   ";8"   """'''''''""""`        '''  ^77;'  
  ";8"                                 ^7;'                         
 ";8"       __                        7!;'        
";8";;9999;;;aa..               76;            
 "823p"   ''''''     2"^             52;      
   ;8^              ";;^           '23;        
  ;P;^                '6^          '57;      
  ;8;^                '6^          ;&'                       
  "@;^              ";;8^         ..     ,,,_      ...._     ...    .     .
  '@;^      .....    2^" ^G7;     HH;  ;R3!1@#'   a;AAAAa;  .###;. !@   .!"
   !# -+;44319110100~"    !#'     HH:  ;1@   !2;  a;^   a; ;3     .!@   !;^
   !@"`   '' ''''''        @#$@!!HH;  '1!'   !@;  a;^   8; ;'     ;1;   #!
    !@^                   "13    "1^  ;!@#57RR:   a;26088; ;'     ;!@!!!'
    !@^                  "53!    "!2  '!@    ^R;  a;    ;; '#     ;!1''!@^
     !@^                 '11     '11   !@    ^;   ''    ''  '33;; '1'   !;
     !^                   ''      ;     '     '    '    ;     ''   !     !'
      ;                    .      '     '     .    ;    '      :   '   

                                ==Phrack Inc.==

                   Volume 0x0b, Issue 0x39, Phile #0x01 of 0x12

...and the Jedi Knight replied with a strong tongue:
"There is no gap between phrack56 and phrack57" ...and swang his
hand from the left to the right with a slight hope to bluff
the audience...

Good News Everyone:

   P H R A C K    I S    B A C K   !@#$!@#$!@#$

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0x01 Introduction                                      Phrack Staff 0x07 kb
0x02 Loopback                                          Phrack Staff 0x09 kb
0x03 Linenoise                                         Phrack Staff 0x1e kb
0x04 Editorial policy                                  Phrack Staff 0x07 kb
0x05 IA64 shellcode                                       papasutra 0x15 kb
0x06 Taranis read your e-mail                              jwilkins 0x0a kb
0x07 ICMP based OS fingerprinting     Fyodor Yarochkin & Ofir Arkin 0x12 kb
0x08 Vudo malloc tricks                                        maxx 0x76 kb
0x09 Once upon a free()                                   anonymous 0x22 kb
0x0a Against the System: Rise of the Robots         Michal Zalewski 0x0a kb
0x0b Holistic approaches to attack detection                  sasha 0x12 kb
0x0c NIDS on mass parallel processing architecture            storm 0x17 kb
0x0d Hang on, snoopy                                        stealth 0x14 kb
0x0e Architecture spanning shellcode                         eugene 0x17 kb
0x0f Writing ia32 alphanumeric shellcodes                       rix 0x56 kb
0x10 Cupass and the netuserchangepassword problem         D.Holiday 0x14 kb
0x11 Phrack World News                                 Phrack Staff 0x06 kb
0x12 Phrack magazine extraction utility                Phrack Staff 0x15 kb

On this iteration of Phrack magazine there is no single editor.  The
editorial duties are being carried out by a 'Phrack Staff' collective.

At the moment we are going to remain anonymous and not publish our
nicks or our names in the magazine.  The reason we are staying anonymous
is to ensure that people know that we are working on Phrack for all the
right reasons.  And also of course because privacy is valuable.

Let's talk about privacy for a moment.

It seems to me that lately there is no motive more attractive than
becomming a celebrities.  Ironically, celebrities have a power that will
grow more compelling and yet less meaningful in the years to come.  Why?
Because becomming a celebrity will be easier to achieve.  The drive to
increase connectivity is ultimately about the access of everyone to 
everyone and everyone to everything.  A personal home page on the web -
self-created celebrity - is only the most primitive example of what lies
ahead, but is an instructive example all the same.  Home pages are self-
validation, and self-validation lies at the very center of the drive
towards the desire to become a celebrity.

Like precious metals, society has always valued what is scarce.  As privacy
becomes rarer and rarer, it will assume greater and greater worth.

Switching subjects, there is another point that I would like to make.  The
field of information security is vast.  It is vast because it concerns not
just technology, but also sociology, criminology, economics (think of risk
modeling), and many other associated subjects.  Even within the technology
side of information security, there are many different areas of study -
vulnerability assessment, intrusion detection, public key infrastructure,
operating system security, and so on.  The point I am working towards is
that the world does not being and end with shellcode and it certainly
does not begin and end with exploits.  

You owe it to yourself to investigate what it is about information security
that makes it the most interesting and challenging field of study within
information technology today.

It's a big world out there.  Read books.  Experiment.  Don't just do.  Be.

Enjoy the magazine!

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