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Lies!  Lies!  Lies!  Lord of the Lies.  That's me.  I promised a timely Phrack
and look what happened.  A 9 month lapse.  Whew.  Wow.  Ri-friggin-diculous.
Holy crap I suck.  To all you patient/ambivalent readers out there -- terribly
sorry about that.  To all you whiners/complainers in the end, it just goes to
show you: Fuck Off.  For all you people that contributed nothing except
negative commentary over the past few months, I'd like to introduce you to
the real world.  The real world is where free computer security technical
journals don't pay bills or get you chicks.  Or get you chicks that pay bills
for that matter.



But I can't.  So I do what I do to make ends meet.  Sometimes it gets in the

Hrm.  You think 9 months is bad?  Let's take a look at the publishing history
of Phrack Magazine, since its inception, way back in November of 1985.  I
present to you the publishing schedule of Phrack Magazine from 1985 - 1999.

Jan |      02?  10        23                                           52
Feb |      03   11        24
Mar |      04   12        25             37   42   45
Apr |      05   13   17   26             38             47        50
May |                          31
Jun |      06        18   27             39
Jul |           14   19                       43                       53
Aug |           15                       40
Sep |      07                       33             46        48   51        55
Oct |      08?  16?  20   28        34
Nov | 01             21   29   32   35        44             49
Dec |      09?       22   30        36   41                            54
    | 85   86   87   88   89   90   91   92   93   94   95   96   97   98   99

Ok..  Things look pretty good for the first year...  8 issues in one year.
Not bad fellas, not bad...  Uh-oh!  A 6 month gap between 16 and 17!  What's
up?  Apparently, the editors at that time (Phrack's founding fathers TK and
KL) had gone off to college and left the Magazine in the hands Elric of
Imrryr.  Mmmhmm.  A FLIMSY EXCUSE!  The next large gap we see is between 32
and 33.  Apparently there was some crap going on having to do with the Secret
Service shutting Phrack down and something about issues 31 and 32 not being
sanctioned or something...  Blah blah blah.  Ok great.  This was like 8 years
ago.  Who the hell carez.  At any rate, things appear to be pretty much
business as usual after that.  Then something amazing -- Chris Goggans takes
over.  First a 3 month gap.  Then a 4 month lapse.  Then back down to 3.  Then
up to 5.  Then 6.  Then the unthinkable happens.  A 16 month coma.


BOOM BAP!  Check out THESE NUMBERS: 2 months, 4 months, 4 months, 3 months, 5
months!...  Um.  9 months.  Ok.  Well.  Oops.  My point is...  Well.  9 months
isn't as bad as Goggans.  So there you have it!  Basically, when all's said
and done, at the end of the day, I am not as bad as Goggans.

In any event, this issue has a surplus of good articles.  Read them.

In other news, we heard a nasty rumor.  Starting September 11th, 1999 Network
Solutions "the dot com people" (*how adorable*) are going to start their
policy of requiring prepayment at the time of domain-name registration.  What
does this mean to you?  NO MORE FREE DOMAINS FOR THREE MONTHS!  No more `try
before you buy`, no more `cooling-off` period.  If you fuck up and register
`` brother, you're stuck with it!  So check your spelling.

Oh yah.  I have something very un-P.C. to say, something very controversial... 
Something you're not going to like..  But I have to say it:  

                            GOD BLESS CANADA!

WAIT.  HOLD ON.  Before you rm this issue, give me a chance to explain why
Canada rules.  If it wasn't for Canada, there would be no t00nces.  There.
That's the sole reason why Canada rules.  If it wasn't for t00nces, there
would have probably been a murder at the last Phrack sponsored BBQ (or at
the very least, some serious battery).  On 3 separate occasions he quelled
major rucki.  The largest of which would have resulted in drunken dirtbag
being pummeled into chowder.  He would have been a little smudgie on my
front lawn.  As much as I am usually down for a drunken dirtbag pummeling,
we can't have that at the house.  t00nces is an all-around great guy.  He's
definitely my favorite Canadian-American citizen.

Besides.  I lost our Country's pride when I played him in our monthly America
vs. Canada pool game.  My penance was to write a treatise on how much Canada
rules.  Well.  The best I can do is how much t00nces rules.

Phrack Magazine mourns the recent passing of W. Richard Stevens.  For a special
tribute, please see P55-04.

Enjoy the magazine.  It is by and for the hacking community.  Period.

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01 Introduction                                     Phrack Staff        014 K
02 Phrack Loopback                                  Phrack Staff        051 K
03 Phrack Line Noise                                various             037 K
04 Phrack Tribute to W. Richard Stevens             Phrack Staff        004 K
05 A Real NT Rootkit                                Greg Hoglund        066 K
06 The Libnet Reference Manual                      route               181 K
07 PERL CGI Problems                                rfp                 017 K
08 Frame Pointer Overwriting                        klog                020 K
09 Distributed Information Gathering                hybrid              010 K
10 Building Bastion Routers with IOS                Brett / Variable K  037 K
11 Stego Hasho                                      Conehead            037 K
12 Building Into The Linux Network Layer            kossak / lifeline   044 K
13 The Black Book of AFS                            nicnoc              011 K
14 A Global Positioning System Primer               e5                  015 K
15 Win32 Buffer Overflows...                        dark spyrit         078 K
16 Distributed Metastasis...                        Andrew J. Stewart   031 K
17 H.323 Firewall Security Issues                   Dan Moniz           015 K
18 Phrack World News                                disorder            021 K
19 Phrack Magazine Extraction Utility               Phrack Staff        021 K

                                                                        711 K


    "...Yeah, yeah, Phrack is still active you may say. Well let me tell you
    something.  Phrack is not what it used to be. The people who make Phrack
    are not Knight Lightning and Taran King, from those old BBS days. They
    are people like you and me, not very different, that took on themselves
    a job that it is obvious that is too big for them. Too big? hell, HUGE.
    Phrack is not what it used to be anymore. Just try reading, let's say,
    Phrack 24, and Phrack 54."

    - bjx of "PURSUiT" trying to justify his `old-school` ezine.  bjx wrote
      a riveting piece on "Installing Slackware" article.  Fear and respect
      the lower case "i".

    "We might get a PURSUiT meeting at DefCon 9 which will take place in year
    2001.  Meenwhile, it's an idea, because I belive 40% of the PURSUiT crew
    are going to DefCon 9, so we will try to convince the rest of the crew
    to join us."

    - bjx of "PURSUiT" on his distant defcon plans.  Hey, buddy, if you
      save a dollar a day for the next two years, you should have enough!

    "I assume she did a jiggly +liar search on altavista..."

    - gheap, when asked to venture a guess as how a certain person was found
      on a random corporate webpage.

    "Hrm..  There just arent enough web sites that use the word `jiggly`."

    - gheap, after putting some thought into it.


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