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    DefCon.  I love DefCon.  Why do I love DefCon?  Several reasons.  I get to 
see many people I do not normally get to hang out with.  And it's in Las Vegas.
Ok, I guess that's two reasons.  I love DefCon for two reasons.

    Las Vegas is a blast.  No two ways about it.  Free drinks _while_ you get 
FREE money.  What more can anymore ask for?!@  Sex?  Gluttony?  Corruption?
Greed?  Thin facades?  Tackiness?  Friends, it's _all_ there.

    Vegas is certainly not for everyone.  It's not for the timid, the shy or 
the compulsive.  Vegas can and will eat you alive, if you are not careful.  
Even the most vigilant often find themselves victimized by Sin City...  As I 
write this paragraph, my memory draws me back...  back to that first week in 
July 1997, towards the end of DefCon V, when a good friend and seasoned Vegas
adventurer came knocking on my door at half past 5am...  

    He was armed with a coke in one hand, a whiskey in the other.  The fact
that he was noticely unencumbered by money caught my eye.  The Casino Demons 
had relieved him of that.  He was in need of a safe place to camp for a few 
hours...  I happily obliged.  I attempted to make his stay with us as 
comfortable as possible...  However, my friend refused all attempts at 
hospitality.  He was still deep in the throes of what professional Vegas 
travelers call 'The Zone'.  He was in a dull haze, a casino-atmosphere-induced 
catatonic state, in which external stimuli are, for the most part, ignored.  
There was little I could do for him, so I bedded down...  And there he sat, 
engulfed in darkness, deep within his own world...  Eventually, exhaustion 
overcame him, and he drifted into an uncomfortable sleep...  Early in the
morning, he arose, determined to retake his reappropriated wealth.  

    It took me a few tries of getting raped by that town before I realized how 
it works, and, more importantly, how to work it.
    It can be summed up in one word.  An abbreviation even.  COMPS.  Vegas is 
all about being compensated for.  Compensation for being in out in the fucking 
desert.  Compensation for staying in some shitty hotel.  Compensation for 
winning some of their money.  Compensation for losing ALL of your money.  
Learning how to have a good time in Vegas means learning how to get comped.
In order to be comped, you must either a) be some one important, b) know 
someone important, or the most common occurrence, c) comp other people.

    This past DefCon, I had my room upgraded from a single-bed room on the
first floor, to a double-bed on the second, and then from that to a $400/nite 
suite somewhere up in the 20's (you know, the kind with the double doors).
It's all about knowing how to work the system.  Knowing how to get comped.
Complaining about something is often a good way to get something for free in
Vegas.  So is being put out in some fashion or another.  Go ahead and watch 
Casino and Swingers a few dozen times and you will get the idea...

    A word about this issue.  In my opinion, and the opinion of many people
way cooler then me, this is the Best Phrack Issue Ever (TM).  Ok.  Now.  In
Issue 48, I know I promised timely dissemination.  However, I am an older / 
wiser Phrack editor now, and, what it comes down to, is that timeliness is not 
always possible.  Not when there is a minimum level of excellence that must be 
preserved.  This issue is a perfect example of that phenomena.  We have 
amassed some seriously cool shit this time around.  Technical excellence 
abounds here, and if we are a few weeks late, I think it should be well worth
the wait.  We've got several ground breaking articles, a great deal of source, 
fully nude photos of Milla Jovovich (not available in ASCII-Phrack) and a new
format.  Commentary, as always, is appreciated.

    What makes this (or any) issue so damned good?  Simple.  The incredible
array of talented individuals that graciously lend their time to writing
articles for us.  I just want to give a word of thanks to you guys: past, 
present and future.  Without you, Phrack would slip quietly into the night...  
This issue, a special werdup to halflife for the technically superior work
he contributed for P51, thrice over.

    Phrack 51 comes atcha power-packed with new streamlined formatting!  We
cut out colons, added a surplus of dashes and brackets, and b00m!  Less fluff,
more EDGE.  Areodynamicphrack.  Europhrack.  _Slickphrack_.

Bad to the bone and shot to the heart when you think about Phrack, you touch 

Enjoy the magazine.  It is for and by the hacking community.  Period.


The aforementioned gamblaholic ended up being comped three $20 meals, and a 
show (Lance Burton at the Monte Carlo).  Man, that lucky son-of-a-bitch got to 
see Lance at the Carlo...

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