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                            Volume Seven, Issue Fifty

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                                 P H R A C K   5 0

                                  April 09, 1997
                                "The Perfect Drug"

START the fireworks...
ALERT the mass media...
CUE up the Axel-F Beverley Hills Cop music...

                                Phrack 50 is here.

To celebrate this landmark event, for a limited time, we are offering *all*
Phrack issues (including this one) at a special "WE-MUST-BE-OUT-OF-OUR-MINDS"
rate of HALF-PRICE!!  That's right!  Now you can enjoy Phrack for 50% off
the standard price of free!  Now you can enjoy your favorite electronic
zine and still have enough money left over to get those breast implants! 


It seems, in recent months, the mass media has finally caught onto what we 
have known all along, computer security _IS_ in fact important.  Barely a
week goes by that a new vulnerability of some sort doesn't pop up on CNN.
But the one thing people still don't seem to fathom is that _WE_ are the
ones that care about security the most...  We aren't the ones that the
corporations and governments should worry about...  We are not the enemy.

Phrack is often described by the mass media as an 'Underground Hacker's Zine'
run by `irresponsible` youths.  Compare Phrack's distribution with that of
the security publications that charge just enough money to keep students
and interested outsiders from reading it...  Then decide who is  
`irresponsible`.  Phrack is often criticized by professionals as giving away 
tools to people who aren't responsible enough to use them.  The fact is, we 
are giving away tools to people who aren't rich enough to buy them.

The parallels between Internet packet sniffing and phone wire tapping are
enormous.  The abuses of wire tapping by government agencies are well 
documented.  Not so well documented, however, are similar abuses by these same
agencies across key Internet access points.  This is just another classic 
example of the Government trying to assert complete control.  The Internet is,
however, anarchistic by nature and dynamic by design.  It resists all attempts
at governing and all attempts at control.  

By providing a public compendium of the same knowledge, information and 
resources that all the money in the world can buy, we help ensure that the 
Internet will remain safe with the individual.  Knowledge is not power.  
Knowledge is _empowerment_.

This issue contains a great deal of C source code.  Somewhere in the
neighborhood of 5000 lines of C source.  To facilitate painless extraction
of the code and support files into an arbitrarily designated hierarchical
directory structure and still maintaining readability while in `zine`
format, we developed a custom extraction utility. (Good lord that was a
long sentence...)  Article 16 contains the source for extract.c, instructions
for compilation and use can be found therein.


Enjoy the magazine.  It is for and by the hacking community.  Period.

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			   Table Of Contents
 1. Introduction                                       ... Phrack Staff   9K
 2. Phrack Loopback				       ... Phrack Staff  60K
 3. Line Noise				               ... various       72K 
 4. Phrack Prophile on Aleph1                          ... Phrack Staff   7K
 5. Linux TTY hijacking                                ... halflife      15K
 6. Juggernaut                                         ... route        123K
 7. SNMP insecurities                                  ... Alhambra      20K
 8. Cracking NT Passwords                              ... Nihil         17K
 9. SS7 Diverter plans                                 ... Mastermind    27K
10. Skytel Paging and Voicemail                        ... pbxPhreak     36K
11. Hardwire Interfacing under Linux                   ... Professor     11K
12. PC Application Level Security                      ... Sideshow Bob  21K
13. DTMF signalling and decoding                       ... Mr. Blue      17K
14. DCO Operating System                               ... mrnobody      16K
15. Phrack World News                                  ... Alhambra     110K
16. extract.c                                          ... Phrack Staff   2K



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If you don't think you are going to be able to write an article, but you have
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