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				.oO Phrack 49 Oo.

			  Volume Seven, Issue Forty-Nine
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				  Issue 49 Index

				 P H R A C K   4 9

				 November 08, 1996

Welcome to the next generation of Phrack magazine.  A kinder, gentler, Phrack.
A seasoned, experienced Phrack.  A tawdry, naughty Phrack.  A corpulent, 
well-fed Phrack.  Phrack for the whole family.  Phrack for the kids, Phrack 
for the adults.  Even Phrack for the those enjoying their golden years.

If you thought 48 was a fluke, here is 49, RIGHT ON SCHEDULE.  Full speed 
ahead, baby.  We promised timely Phrack.  We promised quality Phrack.  Here 
are both in ONE CONVENIENT PACKAGE!  We trimmed the fat to bring you the lean
Phrack.  Chock full of the healthy information you need in your diet.  All 
natural.  No artificial ingredients.  No snake oil.  No placebo effect.  
Phrack is full of everything you want, and nothing you don't.
This issue is the first *official* offering from the new editorial staff.  If
you missed them, our prophiles can be found in issue 48.  Speaking of 48, 
what a tumultuous situation article 13 caused.  All that wacking SYN flooding.
Well, it got the job done and my point across.  It got vendors and programmers
working to come up with work-around solutions to this age-old problem.  Until 
recently, SYN-flooding was a skeleton in the closet of security professionals.
It was akin the crazy uncle everyone has, who thinks he is Saint Jerome.  We 
all knew it was there, but we ignored it and kinda hoped it would go away...  
Anyway, after this issue, I hope it *will* just go away.  I have done 
interviews for several magazines about the attack and talked until I was blue 
in the face to masses of people.  I think the word is out, the job is done.  
Enough *is* enough. " SYN_flooding=old_hat; ".  Onto bigger and better things.

A few more quick points (after all, you want Phrack Warez, not babbling 
daemon9).  I want to thank the community for supporting me (and co.) thus far.
Countless people have been quite supportive of the Guild, the Infonexus, and 
of Phrack.  Time and work do permit me to get back to all of you individually,
so just a quick blurb here.  Thank you all.  I will be using Phrack as a tool 
to give back to you, so please mail me (or any of the editors with your 
suggestions).  This is *your* magazine.  I just work here.  

Most of all, I am stoked to be here.  I am giving this my all.  I'm fresh, I'm
ready... I'm hyped + I'm amped (most of my heros don't appear on no stamps..).

Drop us a line on what you think of 49.  Comments are encouraged.

Bottom line (and you *can* quote me on this):  Phrack is BACK.  

	- daemon9

       [ And remember: r00t may own you, but the Guild loves you ]
     [ TNO, on the other hand, doesn't even fucking care you exist ]


Enjoy the magazine.  It is for and by the hacking community.  Period.

	  Editors : daemon9, Datastream Cowboy, Voyager
	  Mailboy : Erik Bloodaxe
	    Elite : Nirva (*trust* me on this one)
	   Raided : X (investigated, no charges as of yet)
   Hair Technique : Mycroft, Aleph1
	    Tired : TCP SYN flooding
	    Wired : Not copping silly slogans from played-out, vertigo 
		    inducing magazines.
	Pissed off: ludichrist
	 Pissed on: ip
	     News : DisordeR
	   Thanks : Alhambra, Halflife, Snocrash, Mythrandir, Nihil, jenf,
		    xanax, kamee, t3, sirsyko, mudge. 
       Shout Outs : Major, Cavalier, Presence, A-Flat, Colonel Mustard,
		    Bogus Technician, Merc, Invalid, b_, oof, BioHazard,
		    Grave45, NeTTwerk, Panzer, The Bishop, TeleMonster,
		    Ph0n-E, loadammo, h0trod.

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			   Table Of Contents
 1. Introduction                                                        7  K
 2. Phrack loopback                                                     6  K
 3. Line Noise                                                          65 K 
 4. Phrack Prophile on Mudge                       by Phrack Staff      8  K
 5. Introduction to Telephony and PBX systems      by Cavalier          100K
 6. Project Loki: ICMP Tunneling                   by daemon9/alhambra  10 K 
 7. Project Hades: TCP weaknesses                  by daemon9           38 K
 8. Introduction to CGI and CGI vulnerabilities    by G. Gilliss        12 K
 9. Content-Blind Cancelbot                        by Dr. Dimitri Vulis 40 K
10. A Steganography Improvement Proposal           by cjm1              6  K
11. South Western Bell Lineman Work Codes          by Icon              18 K 
12. Introduction to the FedLine software system    by Parmaster         19 K
13. Telephone Company Customer Applications        by Voyager           38 K
14. Smashing The Stack For Fun And Profit          by Aleph1            66 K
15. TCP port Stealth Scanning                      by Uriel             32 K
16. Phrack World News                              by Disorder          109K


"...There's MORE than maybes..."

	- Tom Regean (Gabriel Bryne) "Miller's Crossing"
	[ Obviously referring to the blatent truism that Phrack IS back ]

"...Fuckin' Cops..."

	- Verbal Kint/Keyser Soze (Kevin Spacey) "The Usual Suspects"
	[ Not sure what was meant by that.. ]

"Got more funky styles than my Laserjet got fonts"
	- 311/Grassroots "Omaha Stylee"
	[ That would be referring to us, of course ]