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                                ==Phrack Inc.==

                   Volume Four, Issue Forty-One, File 1 of 13

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                               P H R A C K   4 1

                               December 31, 1992

                   ~ We've Had A Rest, We're Still The Best ~

You've been waiting for this for a while and it's finally here.  A lot has
happened since the last issue.  I guess I should start off with the most
important thing as far as the administration of Phrack is concerned:  Phrack 41
is the last issue for which I will serve as editor.

Why?  Well for one, I was in a motorcycle wreck about a month ago and lost the
use of my right arm for a while and, due to the related financial difficulties,
I was forced to sell my computers and some other stuff.

Secondly, due to my lack of being a rich boy and having access to a nice
machine, I found it necessary to allow others to help me in putting out the
past several issues and that has resulted in some things being released that I
really wasn't happy with.

However, don't get me wrong.  I'm not gonna sit here and dis my friends just
because we differ in opinion about some things.  I think that the overall
quality of the issues has been pretty good and anyone who says it's not can
basically suck my dick, because I don't give a fuck about your opinion anyway.

Thirdly, and the most important reason why I am resigning as editor of Phrack,
is a general lack of desire on my part.  I mean the whole reason I even got
involved with doing this was because of hacking -- partly for curiosity and
partly for being able to thumb my nose at the powers that be and other
intellectual types that say, "You can't do/learn about that because we don't
think blah blah blah."  Like I'm supposed to give a fuck what anyone else
thinks.  The type of public service that I think hackers provide is not showing
security holes to whomever has denied their existence, but to merely embarrass
the hell out of those so-called computer security experts and other purveyors
of snake oil.  This is a service that is truly unappreciated and is what keeps
me motivated.  ANYWAY...if you wanna hear me rant some more, maybe I'll get to
do my own Eleeeeet3 Pro-Phile in the future.  Heh!

But really, since my acquisition of Phrack, my play time has been hampered and
consequently, I have started to become bored with it.  It was great to meet a
lot of cool people and I learned some things.  It's now time for me to go back
to doing what I like best.  For anyone who's interested in corresponding, I'm
focusing my time on radio communications, HAM radio, scanning, and cellular
telephones.  If you are interested in talking about these things to me or
whatever, feel free to write me at

Aside from all that, I feel that Phrack can be better.  That's why issue 42
will have a new editor and administrative staff.  I'm not saying who, but you
may be surprised.  NO, it's not KL or TK either.

And with that, I'm saying adios and, as Adam Grant said, "Don't get caught."

Now onto the issue:

In this issue's Loopback, Phrack responds to the numerous letters it has
received over the past several months, including the return of Shit Kickin' Jim
and a message from Rop, editor of Hack-Tic.

The Racketeer (Rack of The Hellfire Club) continues his Network Miscellany
column with plenty of new information about fake mail.

Phrack Pro-Phile focuses on one of the hacking community's most mysterious
figures:  Supernigger.  SN was somewhat involved with the infamous DPAK and has
some words of wisdom to the eleets and other folks who enjoy boasting about
their number of years in "the hacker scene."

                            DISPATER, Phrack Editor

      Editor-In-Chief : Dispater
       Eleet Founders : Taran King and Knight Lightning
 Technical Consultant : Mind Mage
   Network Miscellany : The Racketeer [HFC]
                 News : Datastream Cowboy
              Make-up : Hair Club for Men
          Photography : Restricted Data Transmissions
            Publicity : AT&T, BellSouth, and the United States Secret Service
    Creative Stimulus : Camel Cool, Jolt Cola, and Taco Bell
        Other Helpers : Scott Simpson, Zibby, The Weazel, The Fed, El1teZ

  "For the record, we're hackers who believe information should be free.  All
   information.  The world is full of phunky electronic gadgets and networks
        and we want to share our information with the hacker community."
                        -- Restricted Data Transmissions

                "They are satisfying their own appetite to know
                     something that is not theirs to know."
                 -- Assistant District Attorney, Don Ingraham

       "The notion that how things work is a big secret is simply wrong."
                   -- Hacking/Cracking conference on The WELL

                                -= Phrack 41 =-

 Table Of Contents
 1. Introduction by Dispater                                               07K
 2. Phrack Loopback by Dispater and Mind Mage                              52K
 3. Phrack Pro-Phile on Supernigger                                        10K
 4. Network Miscellany by The Racketeer [HFC]                              35K
 5. Pirates Cove by Rambone                                                32K
 6  Hacking AT&T System 75 by Scott Simpson                                20K
 7. How To Build a DMS-10 Switch by The Cavalier                           23K
 8. TTY Spoofing by VaxBuster                                              20K
 9. Security Shortcomings of AppleShare Networks by Bobby Zero             16K
10. Mall Cop Frequencies by Caligula XXI                                   11K
11. PWN/Part 1 by Datastream Cowboy                                        46K
12. PWN/Part 2 by Datastream Cowboy                                        49K
13. PWN/Part 3 by Datastream Cowboy                                        43K
                                                                   Total: 364K

                              There is no America.
                             There is no democracy.
                      There is only IBM and ITT and AT&T.
                                -- Consolidated