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                                ==Phrack Inc.==

                     Volume Four, Issue Forty, File 1 of 14

                                 Issue 40 Index

                               P H R A C K   4 0

                                 August 1, 1992

                              ~ Baby's Got Back! ~

Welcome to the special 40th Anniversary issue of Phrack Magazine!  A month
later, we are just barely recovering from the fun at the amazingly successful
SummerCon '92.   It was the largest turnout ever seen at a SummerCon and the
full details can be found in a special report by Knight Lightning and myself
with help from Holistic Hacker and Dr. Williams.

Brian Oblivion, whose name is regularly seen in the pages of Phrack returns
with part two of his file on Cellular Telephony (part one seen in Phrack 38).
Also relating to telephones in this issue is "The Fine Art of Telephony" by
Crimson Flash.  This equally in depth and detailed file focuses of RC/MAC,

Even though the arrogant bastards at Southwestern Bell and BT Tymnet boast
about their great security, it appears that they had almost nothing to do with
the tracking down and apprehension of the MOD in New York.  As a few of us
already know, MOD was brought in by hackers.  Gee, imagine that.

I'm not going to play politics and make judgments about this, instead I'll let
you read all about it in Phrack World News, Part 2 and then you can draw your
own conclusions.

Since we're on the subject of Tymnet, I felt it appropriate <grin> to include
3 articles on the subject by Toucan Jones.  A special "kissy, kissy" to Dale
Drew (aka The Dictator aka Blind Faith aka Bartman) for his help and assistance
in getting us this valuable information.  Could a file on TRW be 'round the
corner?  Hmmmmmm could be. :-)

Starting with this issue, Mind Mage will be assisting with Phrack Loopback as
our Technical Advisor.  He will handle questions regarding technical problems
both for publication or for private response.  Feel free to send your questions
to and they will be forwarded and answered.

This issue's Loopback has a very special message from Jester Sluggo as he
gives notice of his official retirement from the hacking community.  Sluggo
remembers the past and give advice about the future; I continue my pursuit on
the so-called professionals in the anti-virus community and exposes their real
agenda; and, Sarlo takes us on a tour of the 1992 Consumer Electronics Show in
Chicago and there is lots more.

The Racketeer (Rack of The Hellfire Club) takes the reigns of the continuing
Network Miscellany column and Rambone returns with the latest on what is
happening in the underground world of computer software traders in Pirates

Taran King is back for a special Phrack Pro-Phile with Lex Luthor, the founder
of the Legion of Doom and perhaps the most legendary underground hacker ever.

           "If it's older than a week, then we won't have it online."

You are invited to check out a great new BBS called Planet 10.  If you have
half a brain, you might even get access.  Planet 10 is run by Control C and
features messages and xfers that are timed to expire after 1 week maximum.
Give it a call at (313)683-9722.

                         "Phrack is a bad influence..."
                             -- TriZap, July 1992  :-)

                            DISPATER, Phrack Editor
              <> or <>

      Editor-In-Chief : Dispater
       Eleet Founders : Taran King and Knight Lightning
 Technical Consultant : Mind Mage
   Network Miscellany : The Racketeer [HFC]
         Pirates Cove : Rambone
                 News : Datastream Cowboy
          Photography : Restricted Data Transmissions
            Publicity : AT&T, BellSouth, and the United States Secret Service
    Creative Stimulus : Camel Cool, Jolt Cola, and Taco Bell
              Shampoo : Mudge
        Other Helpers : Apollo, Brian Oblivion, Control C, Dr. Williams,
                        Dokkalfar, The Gatsby, Gentry, Guido Sanchez, Holistic
                        Hacker, Jester Sluggo, Legacy Irreverent, Lex Luthor,
                        Mr. Bigg, Nihil, The Omega, The Pope,.The Public,
                        Sarlo, TriZap, Tuc, Voyager, and White Knight

                         We're Back and We're Phrack!

               "Phrack.  If you don't get it, you don't get it."

   "Whaddya mean I don't support the system?  I go to court when I have to!"

                                -= Phrack 40 =-

 Table Of Contents
 1. Introduction by Dispater                                               06K
 2. Phrack Loopback by Dispater and Mind Mage                              50K
 3. Phrack Pro-Phile on Lex Luthor by Taran King                           36K
 4. Network Miscellany by The Racketeer [HFC]                              32K
 5. Pirates Cove by Rambone                                                57K
 6  Cellular Telephony, Part II by Brian Oblivion                          72K
 7. The Fine Art of Telephony by Crimson Flash                             65K
 8. BT Tymnet, Part 1 of 3 by Toucan Jones                                 57K
 9. BT Tymnet, Part 2 of 3 by Toucan Jones                                 55K
10. BT Tymnet, Part 3 of 3 by Toucan Jones                                 91K
11. SummerCon 1992 by Knight Lightning and Dispater                        35K
12. PWN/Part 1 by Datastream Cowboy                                        50K
13. PWN/Part 2 by Datastream Cowboy                                        48K
14. PWN/Part 3 by Datastream Cowboy                                        48K
                                                                   Total: 702K

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