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                  Volume Four, Issue Thirty-Nine, File 1 of 13

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                                 June 26, 1992

                         ~You're Not Dealing With AT&T~

Welcome to Phrack 39.  This will be the final issue before SummerCon '92.
Details of SummerCon will appear in our special anniversary issue due late this
summer -- Phrack 40.  Rumor also has it that the next issue of Mondo 2000 will
contain some type of coverage about SummerCon as well!

Phrack has been receiving an enormous amount of mail containing questions and
comments from our readers and we really appreciate the attention, but we don't
know what to do with it all.  Phrack Loopback was created to address letters of
this sort, but in a lot of cases, the senders of the mail are not indicating if
their question is to be posted to Loopback or if they are to be identified as
the author of their question in Loopback.

Dispater has been moving all across the country over the past couple of months,
which is the primary reason for the delay in releasing this issue.  However,
now that he is settled, the fun is about to begin.  He will be responding to
your mail very soon and hopefully this will all be sorted out by issue 40.
For right now, you can enjoy a variety of special interest articles and letters
in this issue's Loopback, including "A Review of Steve Jackson Games' HACKER"
by Deluge.  Special thanks goes out to Mentor and Steve Jackson for a copy of
the game and the totally cool looking poster.  "Association of Security
Sysadmins" is my favorite!  ;)

Another problem situation that needs to be mentioned has to do with would-be
subscribers.  For some reason the "" account has been
receiving hundreds of requests from people who want to be added to the
subscription list.  This isn't how it works.  You must subscribe yourself, we
can't and won't do it for you.  The instructions are included later in this
file.  Up till this point we have been informing people of their error and
mailing them the instructions, but we will ignore these requests from now on.
Anyone with an intelligence level high enough to enjoy Phrack should be capable
of figuring out how to subscribe.

Phrack Pro-Phile focuses on Shadow Hawk 1 -- The first hacker ever to be
prosecuted under the Computer Fraud & Abuse Act of 1986.  A lot of people don't
realize that Robert Morris, Jr. was not the first because Shadow Hawk 1 was
tried as a minor and therefore a lot of details in his case are not publicly
known.  Something to point out however is that the same people (William J. Cook
and Henry Klupfel) that were responsible for prosecuting SH1 in 1989, came back
in 1990 to attack Knight Lightning... but this time the government and Bellcore
didn't fare as well and now both Cook and Klupfel (among others) are being sued
in Federal Court in Austin, Texas (See Steve Jackson Games v. United States).

Now, before anyone starts flying off their keyboards screaming about our
article "Air Fone Frequencies" by Leroy Donnelly, we will let you know what's
what.  Yes, the same article did recently appear in Informatik, however, both
publications received it from the same source (Telecom Digest) and Informatik
just had an earlier release date.  At Phrack, we feel that the information was
interesting and useful enough that our readers deserved to see it and we do not
assume by any means that everyone on the Phrack list is also a reader of
publications like Telecom Digest or Informatik.

Phrack's feature article in this issue is "The Complete Guide To The DIALOG
Information Network" by Brian Oblivion.  Our undying gratitude to Mr. Oblivion
for his consistency in providing Phrack and its readers with entertaining
quality articles... and we're told that the best is yet to come.

Longtime fans of Phrack might recall that Phrack 9 had an article on Dialog
services and it also had an article on Centigram Voice Mail.  Now 30 issues
later, both topics are resurrected in much greater detail.

You will also note that the Centigram article in this issue is penned under the
pseudonym of ">Unknown User<," a name that was adopted from the anonymous
posting feature of the Metal Shop Private bulletin board (the birthplace of
Phrack, sysoped by Taran King during 1985-1987).  The name ">Unknown User<" has
traditionally been reserved for authors who did not wish to be identified in
any capacity other than to the Phrack editors.  In this case, however, even the
staff at Phrack has absolutely no idea who the author of this file is because
of the unique way of SMTP Fakemail it was delivered.

No Pirates' Cove in this issue.  Be watching for the next Pirates' Cove in
Phrack 40.

                                - - - - - - - -

Knight Lightning recently spoke at the National Computer Security Association's
Virus Conference in Washington, D.C.  His presentation panel which consisted
of himself, Winn Schwartau (author of Terminal Compromise), and Michael
Alexander (chief editor of ISPNews and formally an editor and reporter for
ComputerWorld) was very well received and the people attending the conference
appeared genuinely interested in learning about the hacking community and
computer security.  KL remarked that he felt really good about the public's
reaction to his presentation because "its the first time, I've agreed to be on
one of these panels and someone in the audience hasn't made accusatory or
derogatory remarks."

                    "It's inappropriate for you to be here."

This was the warm reception KL and a few others received upon entering the
room where the secret midnight society anti-virus group was holding a meeting.
It appears that a small number of anti-virus "experts" have decided to embark
on a mission to rid the country of computer bulletin boards that allow the
dissemination of computer viruses... by any means possible, including the
harassment of the sysops (or the sysops' parents if the operator is a minor).

At Phrack, some of us feel that there are no good viruses and are opposed to
their creation and distribution.  Others of us (e.g. Dispater) just think
viruses are almost as boring as the people who make a carear out of
exterminating them.  However, we do not agree with the method proposed by this
organization and will be watching.

                              - - - - - - - - - -

Special thanks for help in producing this issue:

     Beta-Ray Bill                            Crimson Flash (512)
     Datastream Cowboy                        Deluge
     Dispater, EDITOR                         Dokkalfar
     Frosty (of CyberSpace Project)           Gentry
     The Iron Eagle (of Australia)            JJ Flash
     Knight Lightning, Founder                Mr. Fink
     The Omega [RDT][-cDc-]                   The Public
     Rambone                                  Ripper of HALE
     Tuc                                      White Knight [RDT][-cDc-]

                         We're Back and We're Phrack!

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 Table Of Contents
 1. Introduction by Dispater and Phrack Staff                              12K
 2. Phrack Loopback by Phrack Staff                                        24K
 3. Phrack Pro-Phile on Shadow Hawk 1 by Dispater                           8K
 4. Network Miscellany V by Datastream Cowboy                              34K
 5. DIALOG Information Network by Brian Oblivion                           43K
 6  Centigram Voice Mail System Consoles by >Unknown User<                 36K
 7. Special Area Codes II by Bill Huttig                                   17K
 8. Air Fone Frequencies by Leroy Donnelly                                 14K
 9. The Open Barn Door by Douglas Waller (Newsweek)                        11K
10. PWN/Part 1 by Datastream Cowboy                                        30K
11. PWN/Part 2 by Datastream Cowboy                                        27K
12. PWN/Part 3 by Datastream Cowboy                                        29K
13. PWN/Part 4 by Datastream Cowboy                                        29K

                                                                   Total: 314K

               "Phrack.  If you don't get it, you don't get it."


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Somebody Watching?                                          Somebody Listening?

                          *** Special Announcement ***

                                 Washington, DC

The Fourth Annual International Surveillance and Countersurveillance Conference
and Exposition focusing on Information Security and Investigations Technology
will take place at the Sheraton Premiere in Tysons Corner (Vienna), Virginia on
August 4-7.

The seminars are on August 7th and include Craig Neidorf (aka Knight Lightning)
presenting and discussing the following:

-    Are law enforcement and computer security officials focusing their
     attention on where the real crimes are being committed?

-    Should security holes and other bugs be made known to the public?

-    Is information property and if so, what is it worth?

     Experience the case that changed the way computer crime is investigated
     and prosecuted by taking a look at one of America's most talked about
     computer crime prosecutions:  United States v. Neidorf (1990).

     Exonerated former defendant Craig Neidorf will discuss the computer
     "hacker" underground, Phrack newsletter, computer security, and how it all
     came into play during his 7 month victimization by some of our nation's
     largest telephone companies and an overly ambitious and malicious federal
     prosecutor.  Neidorf will speak about his trial in 1990 and how the court
     dealt with complex issues of First Amendment rights, intellectual
     property, and criminal justice.

Security professionals, government employees, and all other interested parties
are invited to attend.  For more information please contact:

     American Technology Associates, Inc.
     P.O. Box 20254
     Washington, DC  20041
     (202)331-1125 Voice
     (703)318-8223 FAX