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                                ==Phrack Inc.==

                 Volume Four, Issue Thirty-Eight, File 1 of 15

                              Issue XXXVIII Index

                               P H R A C K   3 8

                                 April 26, 1992

                          "Countdown to SummerCon '92"

                  "Get ready for the biggest and best computer
                     hacker PARTY conference of the year!"

Phrack Inc. is proud to be the official sponsor of the 6th Annual SummerCon,
but this year is something different.

The date and location for this year's Summer Conference are for those with a
need to know.  SummerCon is a private party, its for our friends, and its our
business and nobody elses'.  Events from our past have made it necessary to
keep the important specifics under wraps, so our theme this year is privacy.

Would be informants, ignorant and biased security professionals, and little
malicious rodent hackers can forget about receiving an invitation.  We are
making a list and checking it twice.  If you would like to receive an
invitation and details about SummerCon then send mail to

Meanwhile, back at Phrack...

It appears that Phrack is getting VERY popular.  At last count we had well over
775 people directly subscribed to the Phrack Mailing List.  However, some
people aren't overjoyed at Phrack's popularity.  In recent postings to EFF
newsgroups, complaints have been lodged that people downloading Phrack from
"" account for more than 1/3 of all ftp traffic on that site.  Some
people at EFF have even suggested that Phrack be removed completely from their
system.  When the high and mighty defenders of Knight Lightning's First
Amendment rights begin to balk, what does that say to the community at large
about EFF and their agenda?

In this issue of Phrack we feature "Cellular Telephony" by Brian Oblivion!
Brian tells us to expect more files on this topic from him in the near future,
but for now we can start with this very substantial taste.  Additionally, this
issue will wrap up Black Kat's 3-part series on VAX/VMS and Dispater's 2-part
defense manual for police radar.  Rambone is back with his second file on the
Pirate community and Datastream Cowboy picks up where Taran King left off in
Phrack 30 with Network Miscellany.  And if that wasn't enough, Mycroft brings
us a file on Wide Area Information Services (WAIS).  Subtitled "How Do I Use It
and Why Should I Care?"  It tells you about the service in general and gives
directions for using WAIS to review Phrack.

Another spotlight file in this issue is "Standing Up To Fight The Bells."
Knight Lightning brings forth a message and a warning about what is happening
right now in the Congress and Senate of the United States, where the Bell
Operating Companies are seeking to hold on to yet another monopoly to control.
Be prepared to act and act fast or live forever with the consequences -- the
future of information services controlled by Ma Bell.

And finally the full details of Computers, Freedom, & Privacy II appear both in
a special file by Max Nomad and in two smaller articles in Phrack World News
(part 3).

We're back and we're Phrack.  Enjoy reading it because we enjoy writing it!

           Chief Editor:          Dispater (
           Staff:                 Datastream Cowboy
                                  Digital Disciple
                                  Takkel Genius
                                  The Public

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 Table Of Contents
 1. Introduction by Dispater                                                06K
 2. Phrack Loopback by Phrack Staff                                         12K
 3. Phrack Pro-Phile on Aristotle by Dispater                               06K
 4. Pirates' Cove by Rambone                                                23K
 5. Network Miscellany IV by Datastream Cowboy                              30K
 6. Beating The Radar Rap Part 2 of 2 by Dispater                           15K
 7. Users Guide to VAX/VMS Part 3 of 3 by Black Kat                         46K
 8. Wide Area Information Services by Mycroft                               11K
 9. Cellular Telephony by Brian Oblivion                                    28K
10. Standing Up To Fight The Bells by Knight Lightning                      27K
11. The Digital Telephony Proposal by the Federal Bureau of Investigation   34K
12. PWN Special Report VI on CFP-2 by Max Nomad                             18K
13. PWN/Part 1 by Dispater and Datastream Cowboy                            34K
14. PWN/Part 2 by Dispater and Datastream Cowboy                            32K
15. PWN/Part 3 by Dispater and Datastream Cowboy                            33K

    Total:                                                                 355K