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                                ==Diet Phrack==

                 Volume Three, Issue Thirty-Six, File 1 of 11

                               Issue XXXVI Index

                               P H R A C K   3 6

                               December 31, 1991

                   "You've Got The Right One Baby, UH HUH!"

     Happy New Year Everyone!  HoHoCon'91 is behind us and with the end of the
year is the end of the third volume of Phrack.  This special issue is called
Diet Phrack because of the whole Phrack vs. Phrack Classic crisis (which is
probably more KL's doing than anyone elses) that went on during the middle of
volume three.

     Diet Phrack was conceived in August 1991 during PartyCon when Dispater,
Knight Lightning, and several other friends gathered to party and bitch about
where Phrack was and wasn't going.  Eventually this led to the new Phrack staff
that began with Phrack 33.

     Diet Phrack is also the long-awaited sequel to Phrack 13 (which some
consider the most worthless issue ever, but its probably because they weren't a
part of Phrack's main circle of friends and didn't understand all the private


                                "Phrack sucks!"

     Well that was certainly a common remark at HoHoCon and considering that
the majority of the attendees were local Houston losers expecting us to print
codes and passwords for them, we weren't really surprised.

     Do you think Phrack sucks?  You probably aren't reading this if you do,
but seriously, if you really think it sucks you can fuck off.  You are welcome
to go start your own magazine with the latest scans of c0dEz and VMBs (that
will sure be useful after about a week).  That is not what we are about.

     Why don't you try writing something yourself instead of copying useless
material directly out of the Bellcore Catalog?  Why don't you actually do
something like hack instead of expecting others to do it for you?!?

     When Dispater stood up at HoHoCon and asked the crowd what kind of systems
they hacked and what they were interested in learning about, the 70 people
sitting there just looked around like a bunch of grazing cows (no pun or
offense intended to our friends in -cDc-, oooM!)

     It's pretty obvious to us that the people who complain most about Phrack
don't even bother to read it.  At least they would know the correct spelling of
our names.

     Phrack is about technology, how to create it, how to use it, and the
implications that always arise from it.  Phrack is not designed to do the
hacking for you.  For some, Phrack is a hacker "primer."  Generally we expect
that the reader already has a reasonable level of intelligence to begin with.
In Houston that maybe that was to great an expectation.


     The Phrack Staff would like to thank the people in Cult of the Dead Cow,
the people at WorldView that took the time to chat, the one guy from Digital
Murder (who's name esacpes me at the moment) and NCC for being some of the
coolest people we met while at the conference.  Thanks to NIA Magazine, CUD,
and everyone else that promoted it.  Furthermore, a very special thanks goes to
Drunkfux of dFx International.  If not for him, HoHoCon'91 would not have
happened!!  Additionally this would mean that hordes of people drugged up on
Marshmellow Hex sitting in a hallway with a laptop would not have created
Cyberwaste; and, Demon Seed would not be alive.  Check out cDc #200 for
details!  Thanks to Erik Bloodaxe for providing the flicks that some could not
stomach (after too much beer & assorted beverages)!  So thanks again Drunkfux.
Nelson is my favorite. (!)

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    Now we are off to the Cybernetic Realm of Cyberwaste.  If you are upset
about what is said about you in this issue.  DEAL WITH IT!  Maybe you should
get a sense of humor and then write a file about us.  Until next time it's
off to cyberspace and as Don Ingraham (luzer) would say, "off to rape campus
co-eds! (was that a good sound bite or WHAT, Geraldo?!?!?)!."

              You've had Phrack Classic, NOW try new Diet Phrack!
                  "Just for the Phun of it...Diet Phrack!!"

                                  Your Editors

   Compaq Disk (Crimson Death)         &         Dr. Dude (Dispater)


                        Phrack XXXVI Table of Contents

 1.  Introduction to Diet Phrack (Phrack 36) by Compaq Disk and Dr. Dude
 2.  Diet Phrack Loopback by Phrack Staff
 3.  In Living Computer starring Knight Lightning
 4.  The History ah MOD by Wing Ding
 5.  *ELITE* Access by Dead Lord and Lord Digital (Lords Anonymous!)
 6.  The Legion of Doom & The Occult by Legion of Doom and Demon Seed Elite
 7.  Searching for speciAl acceSs agentS by Dr. Dude
 8.  Phreaks in Verse II by Homey the Hacker
 9.  Real Cyberpunks by The Men from Mongo
10.  Elite World News by Dr. Dude
11.  Elite World News by Dr. Dude

Coming soon...

                                 Phrack Jolt!

                       All the VMBs and TWICE the c0deZ!