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                               ==Phrack Inc.==

                Volume Three, Issue Thirty-five, File 1 of 13

                               Issue XXXV Index

                               P H R A C K  3 5

                               November 17,1991

                             ~Don't Tread on Me!~

     Phrack Inc. is going great!  In fact so great that we already have enough
material for the next two issues including the long-awaited sequel to Phrack 13
(the infamous joke issue released on April 1, 1987), Diet Phrack!  That issue
which will be number 36 is scheduled for release next month and will mark the
end of Volume 3.  If you have anything that is somewhat humorous, send it over
to us at Phrack as soon as possible so we can include it.

     Phrack Inc. celebrates its sixth birthday with the release of this issue.
Exactly six years ago, sitting in front of an IBM PC known as Metal Shop
Private, were Taran King and Knight Lightning releasing a soon to be famous
publication called Phrack Inc.  That first issue wasn't much, a small
collection of eight files sent across the country to bulletin boards at 1200
baud.  Six years is quite a long time in the hacker underground.  Today we send
Phrack to thousands of people at hundreds of Internet sites spanning the entire
world.  Phrack has become more than a magazine, it truly is an institution.
Long Live Phrack!

     Pay close attention to Phrack World News this issue for details on HoHo/
XMAScon and many other stories with serious ramifications to our way of life.

     Special thanks to Twisted Pair (for the help in a jam), Amadeus, The
Butler, and Black Kat for the great files.  Thanks to the Great Gatsby, just
because he is cool.  It's people like you that keeps this magazine comming out
so frequently.

     This month we have had a ton of letters for Phrack Loopback.  If your
letter or question did not appear, we are sorry that it has to wait one more
issue!  The last issue really got some administrators (or wanna-be admins)
steamed at us.  Check out Phrack Loopback and PWN Quicknotes for details.

Your Editors,

                  Crimson Death and Dispater

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                         Phrack XXXV Table of Contents

 1. Introduction to Phrack 34 by Crimson Death and Dispater
 2. Phrack Loopback by Phrack Staff
 3. Phrack Profile of Chris Goggans by S. Leonard Spitz
 4. Telenet/Sprintnet's PC Pursuit Outdial Directory by Amadeus
 5. Sting Operations by Sovereign Immunity
 6. Social Security Numbers & Privacy by Chris Hibbert of CPSR
 7. Users Guide to VAX/VMS Part 1 of 3 by Black Kat
 8. A Beginners Guide to Novell Netware 386 by The Butler
 9. Auto-Answer It by Twisted Pair
10. PWN/Part 1 by Dispater
11. PWN/Part 2 by Dispater
12. PWN/Part 3 by Dispater
13. PWN/Part 4 by Dispater