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                                ==Phrack Inc.==

                Volume Three, Issue Thirty-Three, File 1 of 13

                              Issue XXXIII Index

                               P H R A C K  3 3

                              September 15, 1991

                          ~Technology for Survival~

     On December 24, 1989, Taran King and I released the 30th issue of Phrack
and began to prepare for the new decade.  The future of Phrack seemed bright
and full of great potential.  A few weeks later, Phrack was shut down by the
United States Secret Service as part of a large scale attack on the world
famous hacking group, the Legion of Doom.

     The legend of Phrack died... or did it?  Several months later, a
newsletter called Phrack and listed as issue 31 appeared under the editorship
of Doc Holiday.  Of course it was not the original Doc Holiday from Tennessee,
but instead one of the founding members of Comsec Data Security, Scott Chasin.
It may have called itself Phrack, but it wasn't.

     On November 17, 1990, another attempt was made to resurrect Phrack.
Crimson Death and Doc Holiday were back to try again, this time calling their
product "Phrack Classic."  That issue was not absolutely terrible, but the tone
behind the articles was misplaced.  The introduction itself showed a lack of
responsibility and maturity at a time when it was needed most.  To complicate
matters, Crimson Death failed to produce another issue of Phrack Classic until
September 1, 1991, almost 10 months later.  This lack of predictability and
continuity has become too much of a burden on the hacker community.

     I am proud to announce that a new era of Phrack has thus begun.  The new
Phrack is listed as Phrack 33 despite the Phrack Classic issue of September
1st.  To help ease the transition, the new Phrack staff has borrowed files
from the PC 33 so they are chronicled correctly.  Even Crimson Death has agreed
that it is once again time to pass the torch.

     The new Phrack editor is Dispater and other people involved in working on
this issue include Ninja Master, Circuit, and The Not.  Of course they are
always looking for help and good articles.  The new Phrack will be run slightly
different than the old.  The kind of information likely to be found in Phrack
will not change drastically, but Phrack is intended for people to learn about
the types of vulnerabilities in systems that some hackers might be likely to
exploit.  If you are concerned about your system being disrupted by computer
intruders, allow the hackers who write for Phrack to point out some flaws you
might wish to correct.  Phrack still strongly supports the free exchange of
information and will never participate in censorship except when it would be
necessary to protect an individual's personal privacy.  There is a delicate
balance to be found in this arena and hopefully it can be discovered.  Be
patient and do not judge the new Phrack without really giving it a chance to
work out the bugs.

     I've said my piece, now it is time to turn over the reigns to Dispater.
I wish him the best of luck, and for you the readers, I hope you enjoy the new
Phrack as much as you have enjoyed the previous.


:Knight Lightning (kl@STORMKING.COM)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

A few words from Dispater:

     Phrack will be introducing a new regular column similar to a "letters to
the editor" section.  It will be featured as the second file in each issue,
beginning with issue 34.  Any questions, comments, or problems that you the
reader would like to air with Phrack publically will be answered there.

     I'd really like to thank Crimson Death for his cooperation in helping us
get Phrack started again.  He is one of the coolest hackers I have met.  We
could not have done it without him.  Other important people to mention are the
The Monk and Twisted Pair.

     Thanks to Tuc, Phrack will soon be using an Internet listserver.  See
Phrack 34 for more details.  Phrack will also be found on various anonymous FTP
sites across the Internet, including the anonymous ftp site at EFF.ORG, a Unix
machine operated by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, an organization to
which we at Phrack respect.  It can also be found at the anonymous ftp site at

     Off the Internet, we hope to establish several bulletin board systems
as archive sites including Digital Underground (812)941-9427, which is operated
by The Not.  Submissions or letters to Phrack can be made there or on the
Internet by sending mail to "phracksub@STORMKING.COM".

     The new format will be a little more professional.  This is because I
have no desire to find myself in court one day like Knight Lightning.  However,
I have no intention of turning Phrack Inc. into some dry industry journal.
Keeping things lite and entertaining is one of the ways that I was attracted
to Phrack.  I think most people will agree that there is a balance of fun
and business to be maintained.  If this balance is not met, you the reader,
will get bored and so will I!

     Check out Phrack World News Special Edition IV for the "details" on
CyberView '91, the SummerCon-ference hosted by Knight Lightning that took place
this past summer in St. Louis, Missouri.

                        Phrack XXXIII Table of Contents

 1. Introduction to Phrack 33 by Knight Lightning and Dispater
 2. Phrack Profile of Shooting Shark by Crimson Death
 3. A Hacker's Guide to the Internet by The Gatsby
 4. FEDIX On-Line Information Service by Fedix Upix
 5. LATA Referance List by Infinite Loop
 6. International Toll Free Code List by The Trunk Terminator
 7. Phreaking in Germany by Ninja Master
 8. TCP/IP: A Tutorial Part 1 of 2 by The Not
 9. A REAL Functioning RED BOX Schematic by J.R."Bob" Dobbs
10. Phrack World News Special Edition IV (CyberView '91) by Bruce Sterling
11. PWN/Part01 by Crimson Death
12. PWN/Part02 by Dispater
13. PWN/Part03 by Dispater