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                              ==Phrack Classic==

                     Volume Three, Issue 32, File #1 of XX

                  Phrack Classic Newsletter Issue XXXII Index

                               November 17, 1990

  Over the past year we have seen MANY changes in the Phreak/Hack community.
We felt the heat of Operation Sun Devil, watched are friends become public
scapegoats of the 'hacker world', and watched in anger as the lawyers have
tried to smash us and put us out like an old cigarette.  Almost everyday I
hear about someone who just got 'busted' for one reason or another.  This
makes me sit back and think.  If people go to jail for hacking, and hackers
know this, then why does it continue?  Ahhh... an unsolved mystery.  Maybe I
should call Time Life Books.  No, I don't think so.
  Anyways, I am pleased to announce a new era in electronic publications.  A
new age for a new age.  Ladies and gentleman (Trumpet Fanfare Added Here),
Phrack Classic.  Phrack Classic takes off where Phrack left off.  For those
of you who have read Phrack then you might remember me as the editor for a
while.  Well, now I am doing Phrack Classic to try to release a newsletter
that really describes what the Phreak/Hack world is like here in the 1990's.
  People ask me why I am writing a hacker magazine, and they look down on me
for my attempt.  I feel Phrack Classic is written for hackers, yes, but I also
feel that a hacker is one "who enjoys pushing the envelope, bypassing limits,
discovering knowledge, inventing solutions, <and> adventuring into uncharted
areas."  So is it so wrong to publish a newsletter for the exchange of free
information?  No, I don't think so.
  Anyone is welcome to submit an article for Phrack  Classic, and I encourage
everyone to do so.  I hope you enjoy this issue and I look forward to bringing
you many more in the not so distant future.  Stay safe and be free.  See you
at Ho Ho Con!

                                                    Crimson Death
                                                    Editor of Phrack Classic

(Quote taken from the Hackers 6.0 Conference Brochure)

If you have a question, an article submission, or you just wanna say
hello. Send mail to Crimson Death and Doc Holiday at:


                              Table of Contents:

  1.  Phrack Classic XXXII Index by Crimson Death
  2.  Phrack Classic Spotlight featuring Knight Lightning by Crimson Death
  3.  Concerning Hackers Who Break Into Computer Systems by Dorthy Denning
  4.  The Art of Investigation by Butler
  5.  Unix 'Nasties' by Sir Hackalot
  6.  Automatic Teller Machine Cards by Jester Sluggo
  7.  A Trip to the NCSC by Knight Lightning
  8.  Inside the SYSUAF.DAT File by Pain Hertz
  9.  RSTS by Crimson Death
  10-12.  Knight Line I/Parts 1-3 by Doc Holiday