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                               ==Phrack Inc.==
                 Volume Three, Issue Thirty-one, Phile #1 of 9
                              Issue XXXI Index
                              P H R A C K   3 1

       Welcome to a new begining of Phrack Inc.  Yes, Phrack is not dead.
     On the contrary, Phrack will and can't ever die.  Phrack is more than just
a technical newsletter  that comes out every now and then, it's a symbol of our
hacking history.   Whether,  it's  called Phrack  or some  other  name, it will
always be published for the same reasons:
   1. Inform it's readers of current events and other related items
             of hacker interest.
   2. Educate it's readers on all topics of shared common interests
             that may benefit the hacker at his hobby.
   3. Remain an authority in the hacking world and an observer in the
             ever growing technical community.
   4. Be open to anyone who wishes to submit an article for publication
             that will further the hacker's education.
    Many things have happened since the last publication of Phrack.  We at
Phrack inc. will try to "shed some light" on the matters that have occured. And
as for all these ridiculous rumors that have been spreading, let us speak the
truth and be heard.
    Hah.  No my friends, Phrack is not dead..
    --DH (Editor)
     Note:  If you wish to contact Phrack inc. to submit a file, ask around for
a Phrack inc.  distribution site  --  Then Email "Phrack inc." and be very very
     Note:  Special thanks to T C, Phz, and others for wide
area distribution.

Phrack XXXI Table of Contents
31-1. Introduction to Phrack 31 by DH          (2K)
31-2. Phrack Pro-Phile of Markus Hess by PHz            (6K)
31-3. Hacking Rolm's CBXII by DH               (15K)
31-4. TAMS & Telenet Security by Phreak_Accident        (7K)
31-5. The history of The Legion Of Doom                 (10K)
31-6. Cosmos Overview by EBA                  (52k)
31-7. Tymnet Security Memo by Anonymous                 (9K)
31-8. PWN/Part01 by Phreak_Accident                     (13K)
31-9. PWN/Part02 by Phreak_Accident                     (17K)
31-10. PWN/Part03 by Phreak_Accident                    (40K)