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                                ==Phrack Inc.==

                     Volume Three, Issue 30, File #1 of 12

                    Phrack Inc. Newsletter Issue XXX Index
                               December 24, 1989

     Welcome to Issue 30 of Phrack Inc.  We are releasing this just a few short
days before the start of a new decade and proud to say that we will continue to
bring you more information well into the 1990s.

     SummerCon 1990!  That's right.  Preliminary plans are being made right
now, so, starting with this issue, keep your eye on Phrack World News for
details!  The dates have been decided so mark your calendars!

     This issue of Phrack Inc. features a large article by Goe that contains
some information about VM/CMS which can, if used properly, be of great use.
Also in this issue, Jack T. Tab brings us a VAX/VMS version of the Fakemail
program that was featured for Unix in Phrack Inc. Volume Three, Issue 27, File
#8.  Also, Network Miscellany III, compiled by Taran King, contains a
relatively large list of FTP sites that allow anonymous FTP for those of you
who have been poking and stabbing around the Internet.  These along with all of
the rest of the articles should prove to be interesting reading for you!

     Do you have access to the Wide Area Networks?  Are you on Fidonet?  How
about UUCP or CompuServe?  If so, you can drop a line to us through the
networks at the addresses listed below.  We'd love to hear from you!

                   Taran King       &       Knight Lightning

                    ...!netsys!phrack  (phrack@netsys.UUCP)

Table of Contents:

1.  Phrack Inc. XXX Index by Taran King and Knight Lightning
2.  Network Miscellany III by Taran King
3.  Hacking & Tymnet by Synthecide
4.  Hacking VM/CMS by Goe
5.  The DECWRL Mail Gateway by Dedicated Link
6.  Decnet Hackola : Remote Turist TTY (RTT) by *Hobbit*
7.  VAX/VMS Fake Mail by Jack T. Tab
8.  Consensual Realities in Cyberspace by Paul Saffo
9.  The Truth About Lie Detectors by Razor's Edge
10.   Western Union Telex, TWX, and Time Service by Phone Phanatic
11-12 Phrack World News XXX/Parts 1-2 by Knight Lightning