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                                ==Phrack Inc.==

                      Volume Two, Issue 24, File 1 of 13

                    Phrack Inc. Newsletter Issue XXIV Index
                               February 25, 1989

     Welcome to Phrack Inc. Issue 24.  We're happy to be able to say that we've
been keeping with our proposed release dates recently as opposed to our
problems with delays in the past.

     A little clearing up needs to be done briefly.  We have received questions
about the volume number being only 2 when, year-wise, it should be at about 4.
In our opinion, a volume consists of 12 issues, ideally having 1 issue per
month.  Unfortunately, we have not been able, in the past, to keep up the pace.
If you're looking forward to a volume change, though, watch for issue 25 to
lead into Volume 3 of Phrack Inc.

     A brief announcement about SummerCon '89 appears in Phrack World News XXIV
and more details will be released as they develop.

     As always, we ask that anyone with network access drop us a line to either
our Bitnet accounts or our Internet addresses (see signoff).

     In this issue, we feature the conclusion of the Future Transcendent Saga
as well as a supplement file of sorts to it called Advanced Bitnet Procedures
submitted by VAXBusters International.  We hope you enjoy it!

               Taran King                        Knight Lightning
          C488869@UMCVMB.BITNET                C483307@UMCVMB.BITNET

Table of Contents:

1.  Phrack Inc. XXIV Index by Taran King and Knight Lightning
2.  Phrack Pro-Phile XXIV Featuring Chanda Leir by Taran King
3.  Limbo To Infinity; Chapter Three of FTSaga by Knight Lightning
4.  Frontiers; Chapter Four of FTSaga by Knight Lightning
5.  Control Office Administration Of Enhanced 911 Service by The Eavesdropper
6.  Glossary Terminology For Enhanced 911 Service by The Eavesdropper
7.  Advanced Bitnet Procedures by VAXBusters International
8.  Special Area Codes by >Unknown User<
9.  Lifting Ma Bell's Cloak Of Secrecy by VaxCat
10. Network Progression by Dedicated Link
11-13. Phrack World News XXIV by Knight Lightning