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                                ==Phrack Inc.==

                      Volume Two, Issue 23, File 1 of 12

                   Phrack Inc. Newsletter Issue XXIII Index
                               January 25, 1989

Greetings once again!  Before we really get into the issue, we here at Phrack
Inc. would like to address some of the questions and comments we've been
hearing lately about the last issue of Phrack Inc.

When we heard that people were having trouble using the Unix Password Hacking
Program, we decided to contact the creator and were given this response:

"My password hacker will compile on anything.  I have had it running on Xenix,
 Unix System V 3.1 and BSD 4.3.  It sounds as if someone may not know what they
 are doing.  I will put money on it working well on any flavor of Unix."

Now as far as Red Knight's Unix file and The Mentor's Beginning Hackers Guide,
we had absolutely no idea that those files had also been submitted to P/HUN
and were being distributed.  The file on the Internet Worm was a Bitnet release
that we felt was a good enough piece of information that it should be
publicized.  Readers may wish to make a note that Volume 5, Number 4 of 2600
Magazine also has re-released the Internet Worm article and Red Knight's file
on Hacking Unix.

In this issue, note the final chapter of the Vicious Circle Trilogy as well as
the beginning of the Future Transcendent Saga, both written and created by
Knight Lightning.  Look for the third and fourth chapters of the FTSaga in
Issue 24 of Phrack Inc.

Any writers with unreleased files wishing to submit them to Phrack Inc. may
send them to us via The Prophet or if you have access to a network that
interfaces with Bitnet, send them to either of our addresses listed below.
By the same token, anyone on the Bitnet accessible networks, MCI Mail, or GTE
Telemail who would like Phrack Inc. delivered to their accounts should contact

                                       Knight Lightning & Taran King
                                       (C483307@UMCVMB)   (C488869@UMCVMB)

Table of Contents:

1.  Phrack Inc. XXIII Index by Knight Lightning & Taran King
2.  Phrack Prophile XXIII Featuring The Mentor by Taran King
3.  Subdivisions (Part 3 of The Vicious Circle Trilogy) by Knight Lightning
4.  Utopia; Chapter One of FTSaga by Knight Lightning
5.  Foundations On The Horizon; Chapter Two of FTSaga by Knight Lightning
6.  Future Trancendent Saga Index A from the Bitnet Services Library
7.  Future Trancendent Saga Index B from the Bitnet Services Library
8.  Getting Serious About VMS Hacking by VAXBusters International
9.  Can You Find Out If Your Telephone Is Tapped? by Fred P. Graham (& VaxCat)
10. Big Brother Online by Thumpr (Special Thanks to Hatchet Molly)
11-12. Phrack World News XXIII by Knight Lightning