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                                ==Phrack Inc.==

                      Volume Two, Issue 22, File 1 of 12

                    Phrack Inc. Newsletter Issue XXII Index
                               December 23, 1988

             Happy Holidays And Welcome To Phrack Inc. Issue XXII!

As the golden days of the phreak/hack community fall behind us, it appears that
many of the "old elites" have found themselves in highly respected jobs and
throughout the course of time, their handles became synonymous with their real
names.  As the saying goes, "You can't keep a good hacker down," and many of
these people are still interested in being a part of the community.

In order to help protect the anonymity of these people who are interested in
writing for Phrack, we have brought back the concept of ">Unknown User<."  This
nametag will fill the spot for any author who desires to submit a file, but
does not wish for his handle to be seen in the file itself.  So if fear of
publicity has held you back from submitting an article, don't worry any longer.

We here at Phrack Inc. would like to give The Mentor a special commendation for
an extremely well written file.  The spirit of The Phoenix Project continues
within a really decent guide for new hackers.

Due to the large amounts of controversy regarding the recent rampage of the
InterNet Worm, this issue of Phrack contains a lot of information about the
Worm and its effects, the majority of which is scattered within the pages of
Phrack World News, but we were also able to get a hold of Bob Page's Report.

For anyone who has a legitimate account on MCI Mail, GTE Telemail, or any of
the standard Bitnet reachable places, let us know and we can have Phrack
delivered to your mailbox.

For those of you wishing to submit files to Phrack Inc., please send them to
us at our Bitnet accounts or if that is not possible, contact The Mentor on the
Phoenix Project BBS (512-441-3088).  Once again, its great to be back!

                                             Taran King & Knight Lightning

                                  C488869@UMCVMB.BITNET & C483307@UMCVMB.BITNET


This issue contains the following files;

1.  Index by Taran King and Knight Lightning
2.  Phrack Pro-Phile on Karl Marx by Taran King & Knight Lightning
3.  The Judas Contract (Part 2 of the Vicious Circle Trilogy) by KL
4.  A Novice's Guide To Hacking (1989 Edition) by The Mentor
5.  An Indepth Guide In Hacking Unix by Red Knight
6.  Yet Another File On Hacking Unix by >Unknown User<
7.  Computer Hackers Follow A Guttman-Like Progression by Richard C. Hollinger
8.  A Report On The InterNet Worm by Bob Page
9-12 Phrack World News Issue XXII by Knight Lightning and Taran King