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                                ==Phrack Inc.==

                      Volume Two, Issue 21, File 1 of 11

                    Phrack Inc. Newsletter Issue XXI Index

                               November 4, 1988

     Welcome to Phrack Inc. Issue XXI.  So far, we've been relatively
productive in getting files and getting issues together for the future.  If you
would like to contribute a file for Phrack Inc., please contact The Mentor or
Epsilon and they will forward the files to us, or if you are on any of the
connecting networks, send mail and/or files to Taran King's address:
C488869@UMCVMB.BITNET.  We are pleased to introduce a trilogy pertaining to
the security of the phreak/hack community and various aspects thereof.  The
first file, "Shadows Of A Future Past" and the next two files will be in the
next two issues, so be watching for those.  It's great to be "back."

                                              Taran King & Knight Lightning


This issue contains the following files;

1.  Index by Taran King and Knight Lightning
2.  Phrack Pro-Phile on Modem Master by Taran King
3.  Shadows Of A Future Past (Part 1 of the Vicious Circle Trilogy) by KL
4.  The Tele-Pages by Jester Sluggo
5.  Satellite Communications by Scott Holiday
6.  Network Management Center by Knight Lightning and Taran King
7.  Non-Published Numbers by Patrick Townsend
8.  Blocking Of Long Distance Calls by Jim Schmickley
9.  Phrack World News Special Edition II by Knight Lightning
10. Phrack World News Issue XXI Part 1 by Knight Lightning and Epsilon
11. Phrack World News Issue XXI Part 2 by Knight Lightning and Epsilon