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                               ==Phrack Inc.==

                  Volume Two, Issue Nineteen, Phile #1 of 8


  Welcome to Phrack Issue Nineteen!  You will notice it is not as long as the
last Phrack but this is the month of SummerCon and plans have been made for
that.  If you are interested just check PWN for details.  Also, we do need
writers, so if you have a phile or know someone who does, please get in
contact with me.  The next issue of Phrack will be full size again, but since
it is summer we all slowed down a bit.  Don't worry though, Phrack will still
come out every month.  Well, see you at SummerCon!
                                               Crimson Death
                                        Sysop of The Forgotten Realm

#1  Phrack Inc. Index by Crimson Death                         (02k)
#2  DCL Utilities for VMS Hackers by The Mentor                (23k)
#3  Digital Multiplexing Systems (Part 2) by Control C         (18k)
#4  Social Security Number Formatting by Shooting Shark        (03k)
#5  Facility Assignment & Control Systems by Phantom Phreaker  (11k)
#6  Phrack Editorial on Microbashing by The Nightstalker       (06k)
#7  Phrack World News XVIV (Part 1) by Knight Lightning        (04k)
#8  Phrack World News XVIV (Part 2) by Epsilon                 (06k)