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                ===== Phrack Magazine presents Phrack 15 =====

                  ===== File 1 of 8 : Phrack 15 Intro =====


        So, did you miss us?  Yes, Phrack is back!  Phrack Magazine's beloved
founders, Taran King and Knight Lightning, have gone off to college, and the
recent busts (summarized completely in this month's Phrack World News) have
made it difficult to keep the magazine going.

        TK and KL have put the editorship of Phrack in the hands of Elric of
Imrryr and Sir Francis Drake.  SFD is primarily responsible for PWN.  As of
yet we have no 'Official Phrack BBS.'

        Due to various obstacles, the first issue under the new editorship is
rather small.  Fortunately, however, the overall quality of the files
presented is among the highest ever.  We've managed to keep references to
Oryan QUEST down to as little as possible and we've resisted the temptation to
include some second-rate files as "fillers."  Naturally, we're still looking
for excellent, unpublished phreak/hack/pyro/anarchy files to publish in Phrack
XVI and beyond.  If you have an article, we'd like to see it! Get in touch
with SFD or Elric when your file is ready for submission.

                                          -- Shooting Shark
                                             Contributing Editor
Note:  For now you can contact Phrack Inc. at:
Lunatic Labs: 415-278-7421 300/1200 (Sir Francis Drake or Elric of Imrryr)
Free World:   301-668-7657 300/1200/2400/9600 (Disk Jockey)

Phrack XV Table of Contents

15-1.   Phrack XV Intro by Shooting Shark                (2K)
15-2.   More Stupid Unix Tricks by Shooting Shark        (10K)
15-3.   Making Free Local Payfone Calls by Killer Smurf  (7K)
15-4.   Advanced Carding XIV by The Disk Jockey          (12K)
15-5.   Gelled Flame Fuels by Elric of Imrryr            (12K)
15-6.   PWN I:   The Scoop on Dan The Operator by KL     (19K)
15-7.   PWN II:  The July Busts by Knight Lightning      (21K)
15-8.   PWN III: The Affidavit by SFD                    (6K)