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                               ==Phrack Inc.==

                            Issue XIV, File 1 of 9

                          Released On July 28, 1987

Hi and welcome to the final regular issue of Phrack Newsletter.  Most of you
already know about the nationwide arrest of many of the phreak/hack world's
most knowledgeable members.  I may receive a visit from the authorities as
well and because of this and other events, I am going to leave the modem

As of now, Phrack Inc. is dissolved.  It may put out an annual publication
once a year in the summer, but this is only a possibility.  If I remain a free
person, I will be able to release Phrack XV which will only be news and it
will feature details about Dan The Operator, PartyCon '87, and, of course, the
current Secret Service bust wave.

One last thing to mention.  Although I don't have the time to go into full
detail about it right now, at the current time, we at Phrack Inc. have
uncovered a large amount of evidence to support the conclusion that MAD HATTER
is an informant.  He should be deleted off of any BBSes that he calls.  We
believe that he was planted by the Secret Service to infiltrate PartyCon '87
and frame Control C and many others.

One last statement to make before the directory.  Basically, I have wanted my
escape from the phreak/hack world for a long time.  I figured SummerCon '87
would be my last big thing and then I'd write the article for PWN and by July
1, 1987, I would be done and out of the modem community.  Unfortunately,
events just kept happening and are still in motion.  Even if I am not busted,
as of August 1, 1987, I am considering myself not a member of the modem
community and I will not appear anywhere.  If Phrack XV isn't out by then, you
won't see it ever.  I'm sorry, but that's the way it has to be.

This issue features:

Introduction by Knight Lightning . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..012 Apple Sectors
Phrack Pro-Phile X Featuring Terminus by Taran King. . . . ..030 Apple Sectors
The Conscience of a Hacker {Reprint} by The Mentor . . . . ..017 Apple Sectors
The Reality of The Myth [REMOBS] by Taran King . . . . . . ..026 Apple Sectors
Understanding DMS Part II by Control C . . . . . . . . . . ..071 Apple Sectors
TRW Business Terminology by Control C. . . . . . . . . . . ..021 Apple Sectors
Phrack World News Special Edition #1 by Knight Lightning . ..053 Apple Sectors
Phrack World News Issue XIV/1 by Knight Lightning. . . . . ..070 Apple Sectors
Phrack World News Issue XIV/2 by Knight Lightning. . . . . ..101 Apple Sectors

I hope you enjoy it.

:Knight Lightning