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                               ==Phrack Inc.==

                     Volume Two, Issue 12, Phile #1 of 11


         Ok, so we made it through another few delayed weeks of saying a
release was coming soon.  But of course, I finally got motivated and got this
issue moving.  I'd like to thank many of the people who rushed themselves to
get their articles to me when they didn't know that the release was so soon,
and for those that haven't gotten their articles in in time (for two issues,
mind you [no names mentioned, of course, but I felt a denotation would be
sufficient to provide my feelings in the introduction]) a big, "Oh well."
We're glad you've continued your patronage (Ha!) with Phrack Inc. over the
past year and a half or so and a big thanks to all of the writers who have
kept the publication going for all this time.  But after this issue comes a
break.  Not a break in putting Phrack out, but a break in the grind and rush
to get it out as I did with this issue.  Phrack 13 will be EXTREMELY
different, and I guarantee that to you.  Phrack 13 will be released on April
1st (hmm...ring any bells?) so be watching for it!  Later

                                                     Taran King
                                            Sysop of Metal Shop Private


This issue of Phrack Inc. includes the following:

#1  Index of Phrack 12 by Taran King (2.3 k)
#2  Pro-Phile IX on Agrajag The Prolonged by Taran King (6.7 k)
#3  Preview to Phrack 13-The Life & Times of The Executioner (4.9 k)
#4  Understanding the Digital Multiplexing System (DMS) by Control C (18.8 k)
#5  The Total Network Data System by Doom Prophet (13.2 k)
#6  CSDC II - Hardware Requirements by The Executioner (8.1 k)
#7  Hacking : OSL Systems by Evil Jay (8.7 k)
#8  Busy Line Verification Part II by Phantom Phreaker (9.1 k)
#9  Scan Man's Rebuttal to Phrack World News (16.5 k)
#10 Phrack World News XII Part I by Knight Lightning (13.3 k)
#11 Phrack World News XII Part II by Knight Lightning (14.7 k)