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                               ==Phrack Inc.==

                   Volume Two, Issue Eleven, Phile #1 of 12


         Welcome to Issue Eleven of the Phrack Inc. electronic newsletter.
This issue, I was a bit more reliable about getting the issue out (yes, only 3
days late!).  This issue did not come together as easily as I would have hoped
due to a number of people being difficult to get a hold of or getting their
files, but I filled their places in with other files, so if you had been told
you would have a file in this issue, get in contact with me so that it will be
featured in Issue Twelve.  The following files are featured in this edition of
Phrack Inc.:

#1  Index to Phrack Eleven by Taran King (1.7K)
#2  Phrack Pro-Phile VIII on Wizard of Arpanet by Taran King (6.8K)
#3  PACT: Prefix Access Code Translator by The Executioner (7.6K)
#4  Hacking Voice Mail Systems by Black Knight from 713 (6.0K)
#5  Simple Data Encryption or Digital Electronics 101 by The Leftist (4.1K)
#6  AIS - Automatic Intercept System by Taran King (15.9K)
#7  Hacking Primos I, II, III by Evil Jay (6.7K)
#8  Telephone Signalling Methods by Doom Prophet (7.3K)
#9  Cellular Spoofing By Electronic Serial Numbers donated by Amadeus (15.2K)
#10 Busy Line Verification by Phantom Phreaker (10.0K)
#11 Phrack World News X by Knight Lightning
#12 Phrack World News XI by knight Lightning

                                            Taran King
                                   Sysop of Metal Shop Private