The Enemy Who Surpasses The Law

These "crimes" you all speak so seriously of... To me, this has all been nothing more than a game.

Ted Kaczynski, the author of influential essays such as Technological Slavery, is rotting in a high-security prison for life for killing 3 people. Meanwhile...

The elites' crimes

The obvious question is: are the vermin commiting these crimes going to suffer any consequences? And the answer is a resounding NO - in fact, in our current society, the elites and their minions have free reign to kill, hurt and destroy. And they don't even try to hide it - it's out in the open; I've found all the above information on public search engines. So the mass murderers get off scot-free while a small fry like Ted will never again see the light of day. But in the end he's still a killer, so let's look at some other things a regular person can get punished for:

Banalities you can get punished for

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