Capitalism will die - but will it take us with it?

Go to school. Go to work. Earn money. Pay for housing, food, entertainment, whatever. Repeat. Most of us know this system too well. But will it last forever?

Let's think about the kind of jobs a young person, straight out of school (or a teenager) can do:

Basic jobs

Together, these robots could do millions of jobs that people would have otherwise done. What will those people do then? Maybe they should have gotten a "better education" ? Okay, let's see how that works:

"Skilled" jobs?


A common argument against the idea that robots will replace us is that machines were being invented for a long time, and they've always created more jobs than they took. The problem is - those machines were not intelligent; they still required a human to operate them. This is different; a robot can now clean, cook, serve, teach, work at a factory, drive, refer sporting events, write articles, pick fruit or play a support role in the military, etc. all by itself. And this list will only get longer.

What possible new jobs can these robots create? Repairing them? Programming them? Great, but that will surely be much less than all the factory and restaurant jobs they're going to take. And not everyone is qualified to do repair or programming. What about all the people that aren't? Even if they could all do repair and programming, we just don't need that much of those. Maybe watching the robots over will be the new, big job opportunity - yes, I suspect that could be a nice scam to keep the corpse of capitalism twitching for a little longer.

Politicians all over the world have been scrambling to "create jobs" - but there's only so much that they can do. The robot revolution cannot be denied, regardless of intentions. Many basic jobs are already being lost, but they will eventually come for the construction workers, doctors...maybe even politicians themselves, as well.

What can be done? Clearly, politicians will keep supporting the current, unsustainable, system (otherwise, they would face the fucking problem instead of pretending all is fine - we will just create more jobs) - while people are losing their jobs and dying. There's been an idea called "Universal Basic Income" which would give everyone a certain amount of money unconditionally. But to me, this is just another attempt to keep the current system alive. The real solution is to take over the means of production, so that we don't pay for anything. Take control of the apartments - stop paying rent. Universal Basic Income is pointless - the money will just come back to the capitalists that don't deserve it. We don't need them.

I think it will take no more than 10 years to see the huge effects of the robot revolution all over the world (update: actually, those are the exact expert predictions (archive) - We estimate that between 400 million and 800 million individuals could be displaced by automation and need to find new jobs by 2030 around the world). Even engineers aren't safe - 56% are expected to be replaced by automation (archive). People will be literally starving on the streets. But we have a choice - either take action (because politicians won't do it for us) or stand and watch. Capitalism will die - but will it take us with it?

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